Honda Activa 125cc Preview - Full Details Revealed

Have a look at the new Honda Activa 125cc preview with full details. Find Honda Activa 125 features & specifications with its price and launch date. I have also provided you with its additional features and specifications.

My review of new Honda Activa-i scooter

Are you looking for Honda Activa-i reviews? Here is my first review of the Activa i scooter. If you are confused between Activa and Activa-i, read this review before you make your selection.

Compare Honda Activa-i

Are you confused on which scooter to buy? Compare Honda Activa-i with other popular scooters in the market and make an informed decision. Compare all features one by one using our product comparison stool.

Features of Honda Activa-I scooter

Read this article to learn more about the interesting features of Honda Activa-I scooter launched in India. Some of the cool features include 60km mileage, combi break system and so on.


Honda Activa-i

Looking for details of the all new Honda Activa-I? You are in the right place.

Honda Activa-I Scooter

The all new Honda Activa-I has arrived!

We, a group of auto enthusiasts, have launched in an effort to share information about the all new Honda Activa-I, the amazing personal compact scooter from Honda. If you are here looking for details like price, technical specification, mileage etc, stay tuned. We are bringing up all information about Honda Activa-I in this single portal.

Ready to Fly

Honda Activa-i test drive

Well, it is too early to have a test drive since Honda hasn't even officially announced the new flagship product in its two wheeler series. Stay tuned, and we will bring up a lot of information for you soon.

If you like to book a test drive, you can make a request with Honda for a Activa-I test drive.